This unique ketch with its very special philosophy, including extremely high-technology materials and building techniques as well as a large number of pioneering solutions never seen on sailing yachts before, in combination with its custom classic design, will be one of the most challenging projects done in the world, and definitely one of the most interesting ones.

Marine & Hydraulics (M&H) was chosen as one of the major contractor for the BALTIC YACHTS B197 project. M&H is the supplier of the hydraulic system, PLC Hydraulic management, Marine controls, etc, including:

1. Hydraulic propulsion system ( read more from The Superyacht issue).
2. Deck hydraulic system
3. Lifting Keel system incorporating titanium rams and yoke.

Many parts in the above system have specialized light weight titanium parts, including a redundant hydraulic ring main system for the deck hydraulics. Included in the supply, is the PLC control for the hydraulic system, Marex propulsion control for engine management, as well as, design and development of the complete control package of the supplied systems from M&H.

The hydraulic propulsion system, developed in cooperation with OYS, is driven by 4x VW V8 engines giving a complete redundancy and a light weight solution. M&H has designed an electronic control system in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth to manage the engines and propulsion systems.

Extend of supply: 

  • Central hydraulic system
  • Marine controls
  • Keel system
  • Cylinders
  • PLC control

Extend of supply:

  • Power pack for central main system including:

Titanium valve manifold blocks
Titanium control blocks
Titanium hydraulic tank 

  • Hydrostatic propulsion system for main drive including:

Titanium hydraulic motor, A6VLM1000

  • Pneumatics including:

Titanium tank
Marine controls

  • PLC & programming
  • Cylinders including:

Keel lift cylinder
Titanium anchor cylinders
Light weight steering cylinders
& more

  • Consultation for winch hydraulics, etc.